What is Vinyl Stair Nosing

custom made directly from your vinyl laminate flooring

Give your staircase a SEAMLESS LOOK

What is vinyl stair nosing?

This is a product that allows you to perfectly match your basement flooring to your stairs.

No fussing or wasting time and money trying to find the closest match to your floor, only to be disappointed.

Measurements to suit all sizes of stairs

Our vinyl plank stair nosing all come with the same measurements to provide an easier experience.

The measurements cover 1 5/8" thick which is your standard 2" x 10"  or thinner.

If the stairs are thinner and there is a gap, it will not affect the integrity of the nosing or stair as long as the top of the nosing is glued correctly.

All vinyl stair nosings come with a 1" return underneath the nosing. 

Adding a ¼ inch riser or using your vinyl flooring as a riser is recommended. This is done to make sure the top corner and front of the nosing is glued tight to the spruce step underneath.

All new code for stairs have already changed to 1” .

sample showing two types of vinyl plank stair nosing with laminate flooring boards in background

Sample of viny plank stair nosing application showing before and after



“Everyone is very happy with the end result. Great team work :)” 

affordable &
easy to install